Juma Escalator Cleaning Machine

The Juma Step 100 is the newest generation of escalator cleaning machines. Manufactured in Germany by Juma, the same factory that produced the Rotomac for 20 years, the Step 100 has all of the features and benefits of the Rotomac and more. Easy to operate and transport, the new Step 100 simultaneously cleans steps and risers quickly and efficiently without damaging the factory powder coatings or scratching the surface.

Juma’s highly-trained team of engineers have incorporated major new features to the Step 100 to make it the best designed and manufactured escalator cleaning machine in the world. Produced in accordance to the highest standards of German engineering, each Step 100 is thoroughly tested before leaving the factory to insure you’ll get years and years of problem-free escalator cleaning. This is why we are happy to report that the first machines we sold in 2005 are fully operational and still being used regularly. There is no other machine in the world that can come close to replicating this track record.

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