Medama HAI Prevention Program

On-site production using the Medama HOCl Generator producing a non-caustic product that is EPA registered and is effective against C Diff and C Auris.

Key Features.

  • Elimination of multiple disinfectants with one sporicidal for all non-porous surfaces.
  • EPA listed as a Tier-3 disinfectant against emergent viral pathogens.
  • Supply chain issues no longer a potential problem with limitless on-site production.
  • One product in use, it’s easier to identify weak links in the disinfecting chain.
  • On-site disinfectant wipe program.
  • Safe on floor coatings.
  • Robust continuous training program with a certified epidemiologist and infection preventionists on staff available for the following training sessions.
  • 3 step patient interaction.
  • 7 step cleaning process.
  • Contact isolation terminal room cleaning.
  • Hazardous chemical interactions.
  • Safety protocols.
  • Available for Joint Commission surveys and mock survey training.
  • Proper maintenance and restoration of floors.