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Another Medama Miracle

The Medama Floor care program is a fully integrated floor care program for practically any type of floor in the current market place, that is designed to produce a finished product to the customer that will include clean, beautiful shiny floors and at the same time reduce the amount of labor needed to achieve optimal results; while also improving on efficiency and room turnover times.

Medama floor care will accomplish all of the above while reducing disruptions to staff, nursing and patients.

The secret to our Medama floor care program is its ability to do the following:

  • cut down on strip cycles
  • the extension of in between burnishing cycles
  • reduce the need to deep scrub high traffic areas
  • eliminate alcohol damage(purell)
  • reduce scratches and scuffs
  • reduction of dust
  • eliminate the need for multiple coats and frequent recoating
  • simplification of floor care program
  • less FTE hours to maintain and restore floors
  • alcohol resistant coating
  • Reduce stripping by eighty percent
  • Remove dirt through four coats of finish without removing finish
  • Decrease slips and falls
  • All of the above and more while leaving a beautiful shine behind
  • Eliminate use of multiple cleaning chemicals.
  • Reduce labor and Maintenance.

Medama floor care is a complete installation, maintenance and repair floor care system.

Disrupters - a Podcast

Alex Guttman and Frank Necela are two long time participants in the cleaning industry. Between them they have over 100 years of experience. Alex with 36 years specializing in the health care industry and Frank with 65 years in the floor care industry. Together they are working on new technologies that can change the way we clean and disinfect all surfaces.

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The results we get using Medama® products totally exceeded our expectations.

Salomon R.

Park View Hotels

Medama Floor Care Systems

All of our floor systems involve the latest advances in floor coatings. Our fast drying, low odor, alcohol resistant, high reflection/shine coating systems are designed for all types of flooring. Our super aggressive, environmentally friendly, low odor strippers can remove polyurethane, mastic glue and even paints from all types of surfaces.We can even permanently eliminate the need to strip or wax ever again. Let one of our consultants visit to customize a floor program that will fit your needs.

Odor Control Solutions & Cleaner

Allow our technical specialists to install, refill and maintain your deodorizing systems. We have proprietary systems to tackle the worst odor conditions in the industry.


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