Medama® GenX Stripper

MEDAMA® New GenX Super Concentrated Floor Stripper is an ultra-concentrated, high-productivity stripper. It is over 80% active and is designed to quickly attack and liquefy heavily re-coated and burnished floors.Ultra activity usually means a long dilution ratio and this stripper does not disappoint with its 1:1-9 1:30 dilution. You and your customers will also appreciate the low odor profile.


Aggressive dual-solvent formulation easily strips all seals and finishes on the first pass.

Ultra-concentrated1:19 to1:30 dilution provides the utmost in economy and convenience and greatly reduces inventory.

Powerful enough to remove multiple layers of highly burnished finishes. Low odor formulation affords user comfort and eliminates complaints. Effective in cold to warm water.

Slow evaporation rate for longer dwell time and reduced re-mopping.

Sell Sheet Safety Data Sheet