Medama® Power Strip

Medama® Power Strip is a remover formulated specifically for removal of catalyzed urethane finishes.

Pre-diluted semi-paste for immediate use or reduce with water for lighter-duty jobs

Effectively remove up to 100 coats of acrylic finish in ONE application

Does not damage manufactured floors

Rapid strip-out time {30-60 minutes)

Breaks and lifts the bonded finish from the floor

Very low odor

Zero VOC’s, per Consumer Goods Regulations

Low amine, NON-CORROSIVE; pH <10.5

DOT Nori-Regulated = Lower freight costs

Medama Power Strip will not ‘dry-out’ like typical floor strippers, can even dwell on tile overnight

Will not yellow the surfaces

Easily dean up with Medama Pre-finish Wash

Fragrance and dye free • Coverage approximately 100-1000 SF/ gall on {RTU or diluted 10:1)

Medama Power Strip when used with the Medama Pre-finish Wash, is designed to remove the most stubborn permanent. polyurethane coatings in one single stripping cycle without noxious fumes or large quantities of water (can be us,ed RTU or 1:1)

Medama Power Strip can also remove fifty plus oz. of traditional finish in one single stripping cycle when mixed one part Power strip to eight parts water

Medama Power Strip can even remove the saniglaze type coatings from bathroom floors

When you have coatings that can normally take hours to strip, can now be done in less than an hour with Medama Power Strip and Medama Pre- finish Wash

Sell Sheet Safety Data Sheet