Medama® T&G cleaner/stripper

Medama® T&G Cleaner is an extraordinary tile and grout cleaner that is also an eco­ friendly urethane remover and prescreen.

Medama T&G Cleaner is biodegradable, extremely effective and safe

Coverage approximately 200 SF per gallon

At 1 to 4 with water removes what other products cannot from the surface of tiles and deep cleans grout with exceptional efficiency – 20 minute dwell time

Easy application using a microfiber or string mop

Easy cleanup with Medama Pre-finish Wash on the final rinse to help remove any possible surfacants and reduce re-soiling

Release embedded dirt and stains within the floor surface

Fragrance and dye free

Effective on the toughest-to-remove finishes

Extremely effective when used with Medama Magic Pads

Additional Advantages:


Very Low Odor

pH Neutral

Low amine, pH of 9.0-9.3

Packaged as a concentrate

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